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HelloApp Studio 1.0.7 Release

Version 1.0.7 includes various improvements and fixes, as well as an exciting new feature: a dimmed background with a highlighted area for tooltips.…

How to make sure your product is what the market needs?

Product market fit can be hard to achieve, yet it is a make-or-break aspect when it comes to the success of the product.

Why does everyone need a customer funnel system?

Customer funnel system is an important part of understanding your customers and market, yet it is often the most neglected one.

User Onboarding: Fancy Marketing Stunt or a Powerful Tool?

User onboarding can be a truly powerful tool if done right. Let’s learn why you need it and what are the risks of…

3 Key Principles for Increasing Your Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates is one of the most challenging tasks. Today we dive into 3 key principles to keep in mind.