How to create with HelloApp Studio

How does it all Work?

Have you noticed that some of your users do not stick around or convert simply because they do not gain the power of your products? This mainly arises from a lack of understanding among your customers on how to use the application or software you have created. There are several ways to educate them, but most simply won’t grab enough attention to drive any meaningful results. With HelloApp Studio, you can equip yourself with an innovative and effective approach to tackling this issue!

In just a few seconds, you can create a tutorial that will be launched within your application, directly visible to the user.

HelloApp Studio start page

Step 1 – Create a Project

From the Welcome screen, simply click to create a new project.

Step 2 – Design Your Tool-Tips

Once the project is created and you see it in the Design screen, spend some time adding and customising the tool-tips to achieve your vision.

Creating in-app guide project in HelloApp Studio
Publishing in-app guide project in HelloApp Studio

Step 3 – Save and Publish

When you are done creating magic, simply save the project and then click the Publish button.

Step 4 – Implement and Benefit

In order to implement the project into your own application, all you will need to add is just one line of code.

HelloApp Studio- in-app guide creation tool

Please note that the description above serves as a brief guide/overview. For more complete and comprehensive information/guidance, please check out our YouTube channel by clicking the link below.

Leap into the New Age of User Experience

Still not sure why you must use HelloApp Studio for your products?

Higher Conversion Rates

Educated users better understand the value of premium offering and are more prone to conversion

Extended Retention

By providing guides to your users, you improve their UX, making the room for dissatisfaction less.

Less Confusion

Your customers will not face the difficulties of understanding what does what within your product.

Pricing Opportunity

By educating your users about the tools and value of the premium offering, you are able to justify a higher price.

Better Reach

You are able to convey your messages more efficiently through the direct approach via a guide made in HelloApp Studio

Innovative Touch

Branch away from cliche tutorial videos and blog posts. Create new, innovative experiences to bring UX of your customers to a new level!

Get Started with HelloApp Studio

Jump straight away into creating stunning guides for your products with HelloApp Studio!

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